Tip For Success In 8 Ball Pool: Use Focus Mode

To play 8-Ball Pool with focus mode, go to miniclip website. You will get only the game, but every other tab or option is available when you place your mouse cursor over it. It’s always centered horizontally on your browser window, which is convenient. Even when focus mode is activated, you can still hack 8 ball pool and apply cheats related to coinage, bonuses, spins, and chips or physics alteration. The focus mode is preferable because it allows you to adjust the window properly when doing other things or multitasking, like reading articles like this while playing. You don’t need to hack 8 ball pool to play the game on focus mode. What’s more, it literally helps you focus on your game or not lose focus when you’re doing other things.

Focus Mode Is Made for 8-Ball Pool

  • Focus mode has a simple code that works on other games but is mostly used for the popular 8-Ball Pool game since it was originally made for it. What’s more, you can adjust your settings easier through focus mode than when playing normal mode. The side ads are also removed without you having to use AdBlock Plus or uBlock Origin to boot. Focus mode is a way for you to focus on the game without being distracted by advertisements or endless shilling.
  • Just enjoy and focus on the game so that you can have loads of fun with it. The simplicity of Miniclip games like 8-Ball Pool promoted them to casual gamers, resulting in their huge popularity (18 million active players play 8-Ball Pool out of the 70 million active players within the Miniclip site that play hundreds of their different simple and user-friendly games).
  • The simplicity of concept and user-friendliness of gameplay allowed Miniclip to soar to great heights in a browser scene dominated by Candy Crush and Angry Birds. The developers worked collaboratively and productively to ensure that 8-Ball Pool became the ur-example of what a good browser game is all about, from its look and feel to how self-explanatory its controls are. Just drag the stick then release like a rubber-band slingshot.