Netzen Solutions: Thatcham’s #1 IT Support Choice

When in Thatcham, there is no other leading IT Support provider than Net zen Solutions. They have 13 years of IT support record and are now offering their services even across New bury and all the surrounding area. They have a team of experienced IT engineers as well as technicians who works diligently to provide businesses in New bury with remote or on-site options for their IT support needs.

What are their experiences?
They are experienced with Windows, Linux and Mac Desktops including servers and have the related Linux/Microsoft certifications to vouch for their credibility in the field. They cater from small to medium size businesses with employees of a maximum of 250. Prices can range from 10 pounds for every PC, so if you are interested they can be contact through this link IT support in Thatcham provided by Netzen Solutions Ltd.

What are they offering? They offer a complete list of IT Support services to include:

  •  Microsoft Office 365 and Azure including cloud platform provisioning and Offsite backup solutions daily and remotely with data at UK stored
  •  Website designs that are customized based on your preferences and needs.
  •  Management of Server – which can either be in-house or in the cloud; they can support all systems
  • Provide high speed leased line or dedicated fibre internet service
  • Rack / Comms room management
  • File hosting through cloud on your own private server
  • Allows employees to work anywhere they have internet at through VPN and remote worker systems,
  •  VoIP systems that are simpler having fixed minutes for every handset /month
  •  On-site assistance for data center works


You can never go wrong with an IT support provider like Netzen who is already a part of the community and loves giving support services to the exciting and dynamic small to medium businesses in the Thatcham area and in the surrounding locations.