Many Colleges Now Offer Masters’ Degrees In Cyber Security

Since a lot of students now possess a bachelor’s degree in cyber security and would like to further their knowledge of the field. Universities and colleges have no choice but to fill the demand of these young students otherwise their talents would be wasted in specializing in something different that they would rather not take. Now since a cyber security degree has become more relevant than ever in today’s society, an expanding industry would require an equally expanding amount of clients. As such, people in the industry have done what they can and provide for almost everyone on the internet to this day and age.

A recent survey has concluded that top colleges or universities to get a master’s degree in cyber security are the following:

  • MSC in Software and Systems Security – University of Oxford
  • MSC in Information Security Track – Eth Zurich Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • MSC in Computing (Security and Reliability) – Imperial College London

These are only the top three, but there are a couple more that would be at level with these establishments. The completion of an MSC would take about 2 to 3 years. The question whether it is worth it would have to be decided by the individual who would partake on the journey itself as people’s expectations may vary and their goals might not really be the same. When talking about a cyber security degree it would not be complete without checking into the specialization of the students and what branch of cyber security they want to get into. It is quite broader than most people imagine it would be. These branches would obviously require different skill sets that would have to be trained for and maybe even certified for. They would also come in different pay grades just because they have different difficulties as well.