Learn To Pre-Shoot If You Want To Survive In CS:GO

If you have watched tournaments on the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you have probably realized that this is no ordinary game. It is a game of strategy, skills, and camaraderie. Many users from around the world are playing Counter-Strike: GO because of the csgo hacks and other strategic methods for the game that are currently emerging. From a simple combative game, it then evolved into a much bigger game of military tactics.


Have you been in a cs go game where you were slain and you didn’t even know where the enemy came from? Maybe you have been pre-shot without you realizing it. Pre-shooting, also known as pre-firing,is one of the many csgo hacks you should know about if you’re planning to play with professionals. It is a term that is connoted by many long-time players, that means firing before even seeing the enemy. For instance, you are walking in the hallway and just about to turn the curb, when suddenly you heard footsteps going towards your direction. Pre-firing is when you start shooting in the precise timing just before you turn the curb. This is in order to have your bullet hit the target in the instant that you face him. Which puts you in a big advantage of damaging the enemy first, before he even reacts.

HowTo Master

This method needs the precise angle of your target. In order to master this timing, a huge amount of practice is needed. During training, use a gun you usually use in games. Different guns have different bullet speed and damage. Use the same gun in all your practices in order for you to easily adapt to its bullet speed. Also, watch many videos regarding this, and learn from the masters. This tactic is a little bit advanced to master, so great dedication should be your weapon.