Blogs And SEO: What You Need To Know

One thing for sure blogs and SEO are two different things. Nevertheless,  they do have a relationship.  A blog needs SEO in order to serve its purpose while SEO needs blogging in order for a certain site to be recognized by search engines. People have mistakenly known them to be one the same concept, however, they do overlap with each other heavily.

SEO through Blogging
Boosting SEO can be done through blogging. Blogging means writing and posting relevant, updated content on your site to build audience online engagement. Developing a fresh, up-to-date online material should be part of your content marketing strategy in order to strengthen your SEO. So when it comes to blogs, there are things that you need to gain for you to say that it is search engine optimized.

  • you came up with regular readers
  • you earned more comments
  • you generate search traffics
  • you got links from authority sites

Search Engine Optimization of Blogs

Doing SEO for blogs is another thing to handle. There are several steps to follow in order to have a search engine optimized blog.

  • Determine keywords which have high search volumes

-search volumes are very important for SEO. Targeting the keywords which drive traffic in real time is very helpful.

  • Do on-page SEO for blog pages

-does a lot of influence on your goal of optimizing your blog for search engines. All matters starting from your title, down to your headers and body, and from your images to creating URLs with keywords on it. Also, give importance to putting up a good meta description to clearly describe the content of your blog to the readers.

  • As much as possible do internal linking and cross-reference

inbound links will show the validity of your content which is equally the same with internal linking which will keep visitors to your site and will show to search engines your authoritative pages.

  • Supply links for social sharing

Promote the content of your blog through social media sharing for a wider exposure on the web

  • Give readers an option to subscribe to your site

Help your readers to stay updated with your posts by not constantly checking for fresh posts.

Blogs and SEO are both incredibly important to marketers. Thier relationship should be constantly nurtured in order to gain revenues. Hence, It is a time to get your teeth on to these two terms and start discovering potential benefits out from them.